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DISPATCH: Brandon Scheid: Action Packed Day!

DISPATCH: Brandon Scheid: Action Packed Day!

It was another great day to be on Hatteras Island! I awoke to the rushing sound of wind on my window, thats got to be the worlds best alarm clock. It took me awhile to roll out of bed and get moving after the previous days sessions. We gathered the troops and made some grub, which gave the temps time to climb.


Trevor, BCS, and I hit the slick. I was riding my 11m Hi-Fi and Kaos and Trevor was riding the 8m Envy. The wind started out strong and faded through the session making it hard to get solid pop. The Kaos was performing well in the conditions, with its flatter rocker outline it cranks upwind even in the lighter wind. We still managed to land some powered tricks before the wind completely faded.

After packing up all the gear and grabbing a quick bite we jetted off to Oregon Inlet to go kiteskating. We showed up and the wind was trickling off, we put kites up anyway. It ended up being a blast and we all scored some fun riding.

As if that wasn’t enough the day ended with a beautiful sunset. I wouldn’t want it any other way, it’s days like today that make you happy to be living in Hatteras.

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