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Sick new LF video from James Boulding in OZ!

Directions from James Boulding on Vimeo.

I am currently out in Perth, WA for the winter kiting. I’ve put together this video from a few recent sessions at a few of the kite spots in the area.

I’ve been really trying to work on my style, cutting out any dingo danglo tricks and pushing more powered and kite low tricks, that i’m going into with a lot more speed. Powering in at the take off just makes landings twice as rewarding and in my opionion give a much more fluid look and feel.

Big up to the guys at Liquid Force for the new 2010 kit, the new board setup has allowed me so much more freedom in pushing tricks I want to do and the kites continue to perform and help push in these directions.

Liquid Force, Session 1, Sutsu, Bern, Bawbags

Keep pushing.



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