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IKA Issues Threat to KPWT/IKF Kiteboarders

In a press release, the IKA has announced today that competitors who participate in non-IKA/ISAF contests will not be eligible to compete in IKA events. This means that riders who compete in KPWT events will not be able to also compete in PKRA events. This is a bold move for an organization that still does not have wide support, and seems to be doing little other than further fragmenting the organization of the sport of kiteboarding.



The Internationalal Kiteboarding Association (IKA) regret that KPWT and IKF have chosen to divide the international kiteboarding community by going their way separate from IKA and ISAF (International Sailing Federation).

To protect the interests of our national members as well as the thousands of competition kiteboarders they represent, we will have to request ISAF to impose Regulation 19 (Starting Eligibility) on any competitor taking part in any IKF/KPWT event or in events of their affiliated partners.

This means, that all such competitors loose their starting eligibility for official IKA/ISAF sanctioned events, this includes the PKRA tour as well as the continental european and asian tours, and national championships.

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) is the only world wide governing body for any kind of sailing sports, including kiteboarding, and as such recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) is the only kiteboarding class inside ISAF.

IKF (a new “association” calling themselves the “world governing body for kiteboarding) and their affiliate, the Kiteboard Pro World Tour, therefore disregard the worldwide respected structures and have to bear the consequences.

The International Kiteboarding Association is an International Class Association of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). Its responsibility, amongst others, is to manage the global administration of the sport and combining world wide events into one united ranking.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.internationalkiteboarding.org

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  1. Wow what a bunch of a**holes. Way to kill the greatness of our sport.

  2. The Jamaica kite board world cup was canceled as a result of the kpwt not been able to present the riders for the event they only managed 15 riders.
    these riders includes 1 female 1 juniour now how can we run a world cup event of 4 deciplines with this amount of riders, we kept on requesting a list of riders registered for the event the kpwt kept sending prelist when investigated some of these riders were even in prison.

    After been more and more insistant the kpwt advised us that they will not release the riders registered ontil the day of registration this they did with great disapointment to us as we new that there is no way this was going to be accepted by our teem.
    The hand full of riders that was taken here with the exception of one or two had there flights paid by the kpwt they just could not get the riders kpwt seems to be a damaged product,

    The kpwt also asked us to secure accommodation for most of these riders advising that they meaning the kpwt would pay for these accommodations these invoices were not paid

    Ps. the kpwt do not pay us to host an event we pay the kpwt, there risponsability is to take in the riders as contracted to do and not cause us to suffer such a great lost. We do regret any diffculty riders might have suffered but there is no way we could continue with this failing ship.

  3. OK, so there’s one side of the story, anyone else care to add something?

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