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Jay Factory Introduces Dynabar V3

Thanks to new ideas and customer’s feedback, JAY FACTORY is proud to introduce the improvements done to DYNABAR in the last 6 months.

What’s coming next?

28-29 March, USA California Pismo beach: probably DYNABAR V3 will be there for being tested. More info coming soon.

April 2009, Italy Rome K2O: JAYFACTORY will be at the water sports event and kiters will have the opportunity to test all the 2009 production.

ASAP 2009: DYNABAR needs a new suit and we are working on a new harness all-in-one to fulfil l freestyle-freeride-waveride-snowkite kiter’s demand. Padded DYNABAR will continue to be sold to satisfy kiters wearing their preferred harnesses.

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