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TKB Podcast: Ask the Designer About the Best Kahoona!



Joining us from South Africa, our guest on this week’s The Kiteboarder Magazine and ASNews.net podcast is Peter Stiewe from Best Kiteboarding. With Best since the beginning, Peter’s newest creation is the 2009 Kahoona, a delta/hybrid kite.Now’s your chance to ask Peter any questions you might have about the new Kahoona, Redline Safety System, his thoughts on the pros and cons of the delta shape or what exactly a delta/hybrid is. Due to time zone differences, this week’s podcast will be prerecorded but you can post your questions here, and we’ll ask them for you!


The recorded interview will then be available at www.kiteforum.tv, www.thekiteboarder.com, ww.asnews.net or as a download from Itunes.

Look for the upcoming Designer’s Corner Profile and TKB Review (Analyze This Dept)on the Kahoona in the upcoming issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine, available the first week of March…


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