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Gorge Games Freestyle Results


From: Kiteforum.com 

Event: RESULTS 2008 Summer Gorge Games –Kiteboarding Freestyle
When: Kiteboard Freestyle – Thursday, July 17th
Where: The Event Site Hood River, Oregon
Info: http://gorgegames.net/events/kiteboarding.asp

Results: Pro Mens Freestyle
1) Alvaro Onieva
2) Jon Van Malsen
3) Damien Leroy
4) Joey Pasquali

Pro Womens Freestyle
1) Clarisa Hempel
2) Tonia Farmen
3) Melissa Gil
4) Bri Chmel

Outlaw Mens Freestyle
1) Reed Brady
2) Andrew DeFilippis
3) Aaron Mack
4) Ed Holden

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