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2008 PKRA Schedule

From Surfertoday.com:

PKRA has published some information regarding the schedule for the 2008 World Tour, as well as the release of the new PKRA 4 DVD.

The latest news available show an 11 stage tour, from March to October. It is possible that some of theses dates are to be changed in the future.

Here’s the preliminary schedule available at the PKRA website:

Mexico Mar-05-2008 – Mar-09-2008
France Apr-12-2008 – Apr-18-2008
Italy Jun-11-2008 – Jun-15-2008
Cabarete Jun-25-2008 – Jun-29-2008
Tarifa Jul-02-2008 – Jul-06-2008
Portugal Jul-15-2008 – Jul-20-2008
Fuerteventura Jul-19-2008 – Jul-23-2008
Fuerteventura Jul-29-2008 – Aug-02-2008
Fuerteventura Jul-29-2008 – Aug-02-2008
Germany Aug-23-2008 – Aug-31-2008
Germany Aug-23-2008 – Aug-31-2008
Canada Sep-09-2008 – Sep-13-2008
Brazil Sep-24-2008 – Sep-28-2008
Chile Sep-30-2008 – Oct-05-2008
Chile Sep-30-2008 – Oct-05-2008

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