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Best Nemesis HP


The Best Nemesis HP (High Performance) is currently undergoing extensive final testing in Brazil. The Nemesis HP will be released in the near future.

According to Best: the Nemesis HP flies faster, turns tighter and jumps higher than any other kite on the market. It delivers unmatched handling response for big wave surfing with ultimate bomb-proof reliability, making it the perfect kite for demanding riders and all riding styles.

Tuned in direct response to customer and Pro-team feedback, the Nemesis HP raises the bar for usability in a high performance kite. No other kite comes close to offering the incredible jumping and hang time performance of the Nemesis HP. With its perfect mix of easy control, fool-proof relaunch ability and incredible turning rate, the Nemesis HP is in a class of its own.

For more information about the kite, click here.

To see a photo montage of the kite, click here.

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