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Best of 2006 Wave Master Ouano – New Caledonia

1 Jose LUENGO SPA 3042 QuickSilver, Airush
2 Vincent TIGER FRA 2322 Naish, Rip Curl
3 Tyrone RAWLINS RSA 1922 Slingshot, Fox, Dakine, Reef
4 Carballal SALVADOR SPA 1700 Reef, KC
5 Pierre ROMAIN FRA 1422 North Kites, Surfactory, Cooltracks, Mystic

1 Ainhoa GARCIA SPA 2582 Boardrider Company
2 Aurélia HERPIN FRA 2542 JN Kites, Radical, Prolimit, Tarifa Smile, Tarifa
3 Paloma GUERRERO GONZALEZ SPA 1942 Ocean Rodeo, KTS, Picky sicky, Indian.
4 Julie SIMSAR TUR 1522 Liquid Force, Kronic Kiteboard, Dakine, Misultin, Ozone Travel
5 Noelia NUNEZ MACIAS SPA 1402 Nomad, Airush, Nikita, Pro Limit

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